Easy-Clean Panel

The smoke chamber below the hood uses our self-developed advanced stamping technology that make seamless stainless steel integrally formed possible. Users can simply wipe off the oil easily.
RBP Effect

The revolutionary Rectifier Baffle Panel not only draws in fumes vertically, straight up from the stove, but from all directions as well. The Rectifier Panel can be removed with ease and makes cleaning the interior simple.


New Oil-Collecting Structure

The use of its patented Sirocco Fan ensures that it operates in minimal noise level without comprising on its suction effectiveness. With our innovative Sirocco Fan, cooking fumes are sucked in with maximum efficiency and minimum noise. A Special Filter captures oils from fumes and channels them into an Oil Catch Tray to keep trapped grime away from cooking. For optimum convenience, these two implements can be detached and washed easily.

*Specifications may vary according to models.